Some sort of img pre cache solution

Bjarne Varöystrand shared this idea 3 years ago

Since Koken to day is generating presets when it's first called on (by a visitor) a Koken site can be/is seen as extremly slow!

There "should be" a way for admin to create these presets that the theme is using: before the visitor hits the site and gets the "penalty" for being the first visitor.

There are several psedu-solutions out there ( that does this for the admin: but all demands that you have shell access to you account.

If we worries about shared host getting overloaded: one solution would be to restrict how many images that is proccessed in each batch: and that way keeping the server load at a minimum.

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Generally, some way of limiting and managing caching activities would be super.


I am happy to see this being planned by Koken now!

Will it also improve the fact that a large album page (with lots of photos) or a long Essay page (again with many photos) seems to take forever to load, ven after the images have been pre cached (i e returning to the same Album/Essay some time later)?

Hope the planned fix will make Koken respone on par with other commercial Portfolio sites.