Show unlisted photos when inserting media into Essays and Pages

Ziver Koc shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

It would be really good if you could see and select unlisted photos and albums in he "Insert library photo" when editing Essays and Pages.

My suggestion is to add an addtitional "Unlisted album" item in the dropdown where there is "Public album" right now.

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I would really like this idea.

And additionally, if you could implement some more layout options for inserting images to essays.

Currently, I'm using a thrid-party plugin for doing this (floating images)... but I really want to have that within the normal Koken Options :)

Regarding the benefit for using unlisted images within essays:

We could create subfolders within the unlisted area - where we can manage images for essays - without having them in our normal galleries.

It's easier than uploading single images for each essay. (also without having the above layout options)


Good idea. And images in this unlisted album should also (optionally?) be excluded from the 'Images' page and from the 'Timeline' - so that only appear where they are manually set in a text page / essay.


This would be great since today we have to use some "pseudo solutions" to sort out "editorial images" from the timeline and content.lens...

And this solutions has a rather significant performance penalty (at least when calling the content.lens with this in action.

Nothing would make me happier then stripping that part out of OxyGen!

Letting Koken do this in the core would make it leaner and more elegant, plus it also lends Koken to start acting as a true platform for publishers. (IMHO that is)


Yep... I did a brief search before adding it, but obviously used the wrong terms/keywords. I absolutely would have added my comments here had I found this.