Possibility to handle saved slugs

Christian Morin shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Whenever a new page/link is added to your koken site, that slug is "taken". If you remove the page/link and wants to add it again, it'll not be possible to re-use it. For instance if I create link to show splash content, it'll use slug mysite.com/splash/. If I remove that link and wants to add a new splash page. If I name it splash, the slug will become mysite.com/splash-1/ with no way for me to force it to become /splash.

I know there's a way for me to remove old unused slugs from the database; but please make an option in the interface for me to remove old slugs that's not used anymore so that I don't have to be super-careful when creating links.

Also make it possible to change the slug on albums without having to delete/re-create them.