Possibility for the user to select the language of the site

SlightlyOutOfBrussels shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

I know it would only work if the author of the website writes every content in the two or more languages he wishes to propose for the users, but it should be great to have this possibility. For example, being french-speaking, I would like to offer the possibility for the french-speaking users to choose to see the website in French, and at the same time keep the opportunity for english-speaking people to view it in their own language.

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This seems to be an ongoing problem for many Koken users that have to deal with an audience in different-language countries. See also: http://feedback.koken.me/topic/multilanguage-support. I feel it is time for the creators of Koken to stop considering and start implementing.


As I want to start a photography blog I am really interested in multi-language support (even as a chargeable plugin). I do have content I only want to release in German as it is only relevant for German readers.