Plug in to create Slideshow objects you can use in albums

Koken User shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Love to have the built in functionality of Pulse Slide Shows as Objects that can be added to albums.

Idea: you have a series of images that works best as a slide show.

You make an album "Slide show Portraits" for example. You then build some new Slide show Objects (I imagine a SLIDESHOW) section in the top left under Library.

You create each slide show from your Content library. IN the lower right you set it's properties (like the Vimeo plugin has). Have the options already available to slide shows for the splash page or essays/pages. Click to advance, auto play, duration, loop, play once,etc.

You then set the PREVIEW / Poster frame for that slide show. When your done you can build another and another. Then have an album full of slide shows. Let your theme handle them just like image objects. User experience: You click they open a Variation of Lightbox (lose the share/social media links per image, keep it simple and clean. Its about the images in this order.

You can then use the pulse plug in options even more so with the ability to have slide shows in albums.

I'd pay $100 Paypal if someone would build this in the next week.

Koken Dev's make it a premium plug in. I'm sure $30 would sell well and the volume would surely make it profitable.

Please let me know if your interested in this. Much of the frame work is already in koken. Chime in and lets see if we can make this happen.

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It's TECHNICALLY POSSIBLE to have a SLIDESHOW inside an ALBUM: (reference link)

Interested in making this happen with the popular theme: Madison 2.

I'm not a DEV so looking for someone to help make this happen. I thought expanding where slide shows (Pulse) could appear would be appealing the the Koken Dev team as it's an exceptional slide show function, just being limited to a PAGE or ESSAY makes it less usable for a lot of people, myself included.

For ex. you could have Slideshows in al album and give your user a lot to see wihtout having to back out of an Album nested inside a SET.

Thanks for reading/considering.