Open Source Koken like WordPress

Benjamin Kerensa shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Koken should be open sourced it would double or triple the community rather rapidly and open up the theme and plugin ecosystem. NetObjects could still charge for its own in-house plugins but allow easier submission of free and paid third-party plugins and themes.

NetObjects could focus on value added services like hosting much like Automattic does

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Totally agree with you. Open sourcing a tool like Koken would attract so many contributors (including myself). There are many ways to monetise special services.


Open sourcing has it's benefits, but if this as an option... stay far away from the WordPress model, and steer towards the more managed model used by something like Drupal. There continues to be gaping holes in WP that should never have been exposed. When anyone can add unchecked and shoddy code into the ecosystem, that's precisely why it has become a nightmare to deal with when thousands of sites are hacked in a single day. There really is such a thing as 'too open'.

With a Drupal styled model, any code gets scoured for security issues and is tested before a public release. Everything is reviewed, and if it doesn't pass the tests, it isn't added into the supported plugin repository or merged into the core. Developers are accountable to the entire oversight process. Also... There aren't 48 plugins that all do essentially the same thing as one another within Drupal's umbrella. Devs will team up on a single plugin - not compete with clashing code. The idea is to make something great as a single overall project, not have a bunch of splashy modules done by individuals with no regard for the whole.

If there were an actively managed process with Koken for open sourcing, I'd support it and participate. If it's a free-for-all system like WordPress, I'd likely drop Koken entirely and find something to replace it.


I am with Randy L here. I'd love to see koken open source. There are so many features that are still missing and could be developed much faster when the community can take part. Especially since development seems to have slowed to a crawl, if it happening at all lately. But there should definitely be a code review and approval process to make sure only good code gets into the actual code base.