More options for arrows and captions

Rick Alfaro shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

For example, on this page, the caption is not centered (and I wouldn't mind putting it above the image) and the navigation arrows are far from the image .

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It would be great to be able to display captions in the slideshow. Or rather, on the slideshow, top left, top right etc.


This one is very important to us as storytellers. We need the ability to link images to captions as a part of the main narrative. This should probably take several forms:

1. Narrative box appears after n seconds and disappears after n+x seconds

2. Narrative box appears until the user moves the mouse. If the user does a mouseover in the box region the narrative appears again

3. Narrative box can be formatted and styled to contain both title and description. Preferably per project as some projects (albums, I guess) have single word narratives, whereas other projects have small essays or poems

4. Narrative box should be dynamically sized to the largest content in the project, but always the same size in the project. If not it should be fixed top and grow down if needed.

I am sure I have several more requirements if you want them, but these feel like the most pressing. This is urgent for us so we hope that you can prioritize it


Like Mike and Eirik, I can see the value in expanding the options for titles and captions - for everything from top-level album pages, to slideshows, and even in pulse lightboxes.

It would be helpful to have more granular control over text length and how it's displayed on a per-item basis... i.e., captions in album A are 100 characters max, but in album B they are 500 - and always show lightbox captions with album A but not with album B, and a selectable toggle in album C (i.e., as it is now) . I've done a step-by-step kind of repair essay [ here ], and a corresponding album [ here ], and it would have been easier if I could have somehow combined them into a single essay or album page (as long as it doesn't become a clone of a wikihow type article).

I wonder if adding more CSS style options would help with arrow and title/caption blocks for Rick's concerns. Also, it might be advantageous to add FontAwsome support directly - or even as a plugin - and not just to provide some new alternative symbols or icons for lightbox arrows.