Module for publishing koken content to google plus or facebook for promotional purposes.

Chris D. (TwilightVision) shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Like other CMS, it would ber coo,l to have the feature that everytime i write an essay, push an album online etc. I can manually or automatically push a post to my facebook or google plus, twitter etc. site.. so People find the way to my koken site quickly and via a b roader channel

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Hi Chris,

I think what you're looking for can be implemented (and much more) by using the free IFTTT service. Use their RSS channel to program, e.g. "If I publish a blog, then post to (Social Media)." Likewise, you can use the content RSS. Try the IFTTT out. It may seem "confusing" at first, but once you get their recipes and workflow, you can essentially automate your posting to social media at the optimal times.

Additionally, if you want to have your Koken blog or Koken content shared (make notice) on Social Media, use something like the free HootSuite to automate the posting from your Koken's RSS. Currently, Koken generates its own blog RSS and content RSS. If the theme has Timeline, you have access to the timeless RSS.