Modify lightbox navigation on single image popups

Randy L shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Single images inserted into pages/essays and set to open in a lightbox seem to default to having a 'next' arrow, and it links to other images as they are sorted from the timeline - as content items.

I'm not sure why there's any navigation links at all when there is only one single image embedded within the text. I'd want any visitor to see the image - in context - at it's larger hi-res size, but I don't want to offer a stream of anything/everything in the entire timeline. Even if there are two or more images within an essay, I can see the usefulness in navigating to others embedded within the same page, but I wouldn't want to have non-embedded images popping up out of context.

There should be some reasonable controls available to choose what the navigation behaviors should be - OR - if there should be any navigation at all.