Mobile App / Mobile Friendly Website

Sander Meilink shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Dear Koken Team,

Please consider bringing the Koken product into the age of mobility!

I love using Koken. However, as a person on the road, it would make my life more easy if i could select and upload photo's to an album of choice via mobile (phone, tablet). Tons of functionality can be added later, but just this part of the process would be excellent.

Please consider this, since more and more people are working on the road.

Kind regards,

Sander Meilink

P.s.: When working with a product like Adobe Phonegap you can deliver an app for iOS and Android with the same code base! (and use the languages you have already mastered)

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+1 for Android


I think, a special app isn't really needed. It would be enougth, if the admin interface will be more 'mobile browser' friendly.

if an app will be the solution, don't forget users of windows (10) mobile ;)


Yes I agree to have koken work on mobile, make it responsive but also being able to easily upload photos/videos from the admin the same as for desktop.