KOKEN Display Site URL and Hierarchy

Ronald N. Tan shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

This post is intended towards the KOKEN USERS, as Team NetObjects informed me what I have to express was working normally. I have been a Koken user since day one and perhaps I became oblivious and didn't realize the "oddity," until I changed hosting and that I had to rebuild my Koken Madison 2 from the grounds up.

If you're a photographer like me, chances are—YOU have YOUR way of organization and structure in your studio and website presentation. Currently, I have my organization of presentation of portfolio like this:

Single "—" represents a branch, while "——" represent branch out of a branch.


—Beauty (Album)

—People (Album)

—Etc. (Album)



——Album1 (Album)

——Album2 (Album)

——Etc. (Album)


Using the DEFAULT Koken nomenclature for an arbitrary http://yoursite.com:

"People" should be http://yoursite.com/sets/portfolio/people

It's not the case. Rather, in Koken 0.21.13:


Do you see the irregular behavior?

Do you agree or disagree?

Will you consider writing to Team NetObjects to include in an option for Koken to acknowledge the organization hierarchy in the site URL? Koken is ignoring the set-album or set-set-album organization.

Thank you kindly,

Ronald N. Tan | Photographer