Improve Repertoire Theme

Karolina Szablewska shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

There needs to be some sorting options right on the essay page so people can select what topic to read about. I don't consider a tiny categories/tags beside the essay the right solution for this - I mean more like a menu on the side, like it would be in Wordpress.

Essays page has a million h4 tags as a result, also bad for SEO. h1, h2, h3, h4 need to be better optimized.

Navigation has a really small font and it'd be great to create nested navigation for neatness.

Clicking Next/Prev on image pages or in lightbox should show next image in album, not random next image from whole koken site. This is a major issue for me because I have artwork sorted by content (some contains nudity, ect.) so someone looking at flower paintings, for example, should not end up at a random nude figure drawing. This is more of an issue with the Essays page again. As a result, I basically can't use lightbox in my site because I can't predict what happens.

Album pages don't load a lightbox of the image when clicked, instead going to content page with image of the same size - not really useful for the viewer of the site.