Important legal? addition to Cart

Roger Ellis shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

We are nearly there with a usable Cart but there is an important omission. The Cart really needs a check box which is required before completion of any download transactions which reads something like. "I Acknowledge I have Read and Understood the Terms and Conditions/License Agreement".

Example of Terms and Conditions/License Agreement:

Roger Ellis

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And for digital downloads, the option to attach a copy of the license terms would also be appropriate.


I haven't checked the cart plugin for a while now, but I think, there are still quite a few things left whitch are needed to complain f.e. the german law.

for example, the purchase button needs to be not only 'buy' or 'purchase' - it has to contain the Information, that you have to pay.

german webshops mostly using a phrase like 'kostenpflichtig bestellen' - and a lot of other things are required... I should have a look at the cart again for a more complete list :)