Have option to disable lazy loading ie Load all picture at once. Also choose LL depth.

Grant Kennedy shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

It's really slow to scroll down through a lot of pictures ATM. I'm seeing that spinning circle an awful lot!!

For a while I implemented a slideshow for blogs rather than pictures one after the other because it felt smoother. I got a lot of negative feedback about this solution however.

If I scroll down at any speed other then very slowly I have to wait for images to load. But if I sit and ponder at a certain image I should think the loading would continue to happen in the background but it doesn't go past a few images. If it worked on up to 15 (or let us choose the number) instead of 2 then I think the experience would be a lot better.

Also it would be good to disable lazy loading altogether so that a page just goes through each picture in order. I realise this might not be ideal for mobile devices but surely the website owner can choose what is going to be better for their specific audience.

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yes, I absolutely agree. This 'lazy loading' function makes our website looking SOMEWHAT UNPROFESSIONAL cause people have to wait for EVERY image when they scroll down. People (=CUSTOMERS) either will be pissed cause they think we've chosen the cheapest server, OR that we're not able to provide optimized images (cause it FEELS that the loading time is too too too long!).

Is there really no way to switch it off??? I want to have all preview images of an albums overview loaded at once, as well after opening an album I want to have all preview images of this album loaded at once, so that I (=visitors) can have a quick overview what's up on this page!


You can turn it of manually by editing the theme it self, search for ` lazy="true"` and change that to ` lazy="false"` or instead remove it.