Faster Lightbox: Instant swiping

marcos_montero shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

It would be great if Lightbox could be improved (or extended) so that swiping between the images of an album was instantaneous and with no loading time. This could be achieved by leveraging template's DOM (see below) or through new functionality in where a batch of images is fetched from the Koken API once the user first opens lightbox.

As an example where the DOM method is leveraged is with the photoswipe-plugin ( The plugin presents images already rendered instead of doing a direct API call and this allows for swiping images to be instantaneous (no spinning time). However, the plugin suffers from two limitations:

1. It can only access the template's rendered load. If the user has not scrolled through the album this would be limited to the max load constant of the template (30 in the case of Regale2). This can be adjusted to a larger number by changing the template's album.lens file.

2. For the case of the Regale2 template the sequence of the generated DOM does not follow the album's sequence order; causing the plugin not to show the right order. In Axis I believe this does not happen.