Embed galleries into HTML or WP pages (similar to what SSP_Director did)

Jesse Bourdeau shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

As a SlideShowPro Director user, I was disappointed to see it shut down as I felt it was the "ideal" photo CMS in many ways (I still have 6 domains using huge SSP galleries). When Koken emerged from the ashes I was pretty excited and I have been watching the development progress since the beginning. While Koken is superior in many ways, it still lacks a major piece of functionality that SSP provided, including WP plugins that made it easy to skin and embed any gallery into a WP page, and a javascript generator for embedding galleries into html pages without dealing with iframes. The ability to use Koken within already existing pages strikes me as a very valuable feature for many people who desire design flexibility and those who cannot or will not rebuild pages from the ground up for SSP_D/Koken style gallery cms functionality. I would gladly pay per-domain for a plugin that would add this functionality.

In short, I would like the ability to use Koken as a module inside an existing page. Lack of this functionality seems like a step backwards.