Editing slugs does not affect the 'View all Essays' text on essay pages

Randall Lynton shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Koken allows us to edit site links and labels, which is calls slugs:


For example, you can change the word 'Essay' to 'Blog'. This affects the URL and page names but I have found one instance which if not affected ... the 'View all Essays' text link placed at the top of individual essays.

If I rename the 'essays' slug to 'blogs', each essay still reads 'VIEW ALL ESSAYS' whereas it should read 'VIEW ALL BLOGS'. Please refer to the attached image.

Koken have informed me this text is hard-coded into the theme, whereas it should be dynamically generated based on the slug defined by the user.

Note: This bug may only apply to the 'Madison 2' theme.