Delivery and framing options for Cart plugin

Alexey Korsakov shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Cart plugin is great!

However, if I want to sell a print, I must understand how much delivery will cost since client might be next house to mine or another part of the world.

In order for plugin to work properly, client must also select paper quality / density / glossy.matte etc.

These settings also adjust final price.


- Setting some delivery options / pricing (categories, zones or whatever)

- Framing / paper selection etc.

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This absolutely right what Alexey writes. I am bit surprised that the Cart plugin does not offer various paper qualities and shipping costs.

For inspiration just take a look here (site is made with photoshelter)


Selling original prints is not only a question of image size. I don't sell at the same price digital photographs or analog ones made with a large format camera. Each photograph needs its own attributes. Thanks a lot!