Create new Album from Selected photos

Alex Hale shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

The ability to select a number of photos and Create a new Album from them is what I am asking for.

I'll explain my example.

I just exported 800+ images to add into the library. I import them and now I need to sort them intp Albums. I look through the images and see a group that I want to put into an album but first I have to create the album then find those images again, select them and move them.

Like this I need to create each album before I start to sort the photos.

It would save a massive amount of time if I could just select a number of photos and hit "Create Album with these Photos". The I can select the next Group of photos and do the same again.

For anyone that uploads fotos that fit multiple albums this would be a great feature :)

Thanks for your consideration with this.