Client Login Privacy Option for Album Covers

michaeldsims shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

I purchased the client login plugin and the cart plugin to run in conjunction with Regale 2 theme.

I have installed the client login plugin and set up new albums to show private work for clients. For each of the albums I have assigned a custom cover image to block other users from seeing the cover image that koken would normally assign to an album (in order to keep 100% of the work private).

when the intended user clicks on the album of their pictures the first picture that comes up is the custom cover image.

Because I shoot some boudoir and clients want to keep their pictures totally private I think a useful feature for koken to have in the future would be a cover image or thumb that can be applied to an album , appears as a cover in the album.lens that lists all the password content but doesn't appear when the intended viewer accesses their album with the correct password and sees their pictures for the first time.

Hope I am explaining this request.