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Samten Norbù shared this idea 3 years ago
In Progress

Dear koken team, I feel that there a still some little things to make it really better for Boulevard theme like SEO optimization ( there is no H1 !!! ), mobile friendly and real adaptive design, built-in lightbox, better paginations option for the blog section, Multi-language support ...

Boulevard is the theme that fit the most to my needs, I'would even been ok if you make a Boulevard premium to see those improvements !

Please, make it happen because I'm really close to change my mind about koken and try to find an other CMS because it's been a while since the last real improvements on this theme !

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Boulevard 2 address some of this feedback, but still more work to be done.


Yeah ... I didn't jump to the boulevard 2 ... it still don't fit my needs ! I've seen it in motion on a friend's wabsite and I don't see real improvements that worth the cost of the upgrade !

Still no lighboox, the "adaptative" is cheap ( I was expecting a photo slider like the in app photo on the iphone ), and still no great improvement for all the texts options ! :(

I'll wait to see the next upgrade to decide myself ...


I've upgraded my boulevard theme to v.2 Premium.

I feel a bit disappointed since I was hoping to see a few interesting additional features.

A possibility to use lightbox in albums is a MUST HAVE I got it to work with the boulevard v.1 but i don't remember how. I guess i could make a custom theme again but won't be able to update it anyway.

The splash screen is pretty cool but there is no way to show some text on it. It would be great if a page could be embedded.

Do you think any of this could me possible in the next (free of course ^^ ) update ?

best regards