Allow Option to Cache HiDPI (2x) images

Neil shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

To the Koken team,

While I understand the reasoning behind (from another thread) to limit generating cache of normal resolution images ----> The future is going towards hidpi screens. I own 4 computers and they are all retina displays. I have 2 tablets, both retina and my iPhone needless to say has a retina display.

The entire premise of using cached images is to allow for fast & responsive website, especially when it is processor intensive to generate them on the fly. 1x DPI images load fast **anyways** and there is little value of caching them ahead of time.

The user can determine whether it is appropriate to click "Build Image Cache" in settings depending on how powerful their server set up is and what the current loading it. Perhaps adding a "warning" on the top to signify that this is a processor intensive operation.Thanks for your consideration,Neil