Adding column short code to the text formatting bar in essays and pages

Bjarne Varöystrand shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

A short code/text dialog that would output the text in 2 or more columns

The CSS is rather straightforward i.e:

  1. <style>

  2. article.col2 {

    -webkit-columns: 2 320px;

    -moz-columns: 2 320px;

    columns: 2 320px;

    -webkit-column-gap: 5px;

    -moz-column-gap: 5px;

    column-gap: 5px;


  3. </style>
  4. <article class="col2">
  5. My text that will span in to two columns....
  6. ....
  7. ....

  8. </article>

The above gives two columns 230pixels each with a 5px gap between.

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I would reaaally love to be able to display text and images in columns:

- Display an image in a column on the left, and text on the right, or vice-versa.

- Choose if the text below/above the image should remain in its own column, or if it should take the whole page width again. Thanks!!