Add CAPTCHA option to the built-in Contact Form to prevent spam

IvH shared this idea 3 years ago

In order to prevent automated spam from being submitted through Koken's built-in Contact Form widget, I suggest adding a CAPTCHA option, such as Google's reCAPTCHA (Developer's Guide). Providing CAPTCHA functionality greatly reduces spam received through the built-in Contact Form and the burden on the -typical- user is minimal: CAPTCHAs, on average, take 10 seconds to complete.

While I have a personal preference for reCAPTCHA due to its relative ease of use/implementation (and the creation of value argument) when compared to older based CAPTCHAs -which try to fool bots primarily by distorting words- any solid CAPTCHA solution will do as long as it provides: (1) support for the visually impaired, (2) support to render the CAPTCHA in multiple languages.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this suggestion and any experiences you may have with CAPTCHAs from a user friendliness/technical implementation point-of-view.

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There is already a "built in" rudimentary spam protection in the Koken forms:

Koken is using the "honey-pot" approtch is explained here: (

Most CAPTCHA solutions can and is bypassed by robots: unfortunately...

And to add to that, there are even plugins to FF and Chrome letting users bypass the captchas!

IMHO IF a captcha solution other then the honey-pot that is used to day would be implemented this has to be a admin setting allowing the admin to choose IF to use it!

Persoanlly I would opt out of any of these...


Unofortunately built in protection doesn't work as I am receiving several spam emails per day. Google analytics event (firing on form submit) is not registrering, so spammers must have a solution to skip form and directly accessed the script..