A new and better Lightbox!

Marcos Emiliano shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

I would like to propose a redesign of the current Lightbox:

  • The current Lightbox requires a single API call for every image it loads. This means lag and a slow loading for users. Other CMS do load a batch of images (ie. 5) on once to overcome this, and they allow for this to be customizable too.
  • I feel the other important feature e is a native Photoswipe-like interface that allows zoom in and swipe like native images on any the device. This is indeed achievable by the photoswipe plugin, but this does not respect the order of the album in many templates (ie. Regale2) rendering it not a good option. Also, replacing the native lightbox means that many Koken plugins will not support it too.


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