A hosted Koken solution

Bjarne Varöystrand shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

As written to Mike a day or so ago.

There "should be" a hosted Koken alternative for those who don't want to do it them selfs: i.e look at http://www.portfoliobox.net/

This is probably something that many could consider since they don't have to worry about handling updates and such.

If NetObjects don't want/can handle the hardware: a co-op with a hosting company might be a good middle ground.

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I do like the idea a lot, but I often wonder whom exactly would be responsible for server related issues when the customer requires help desk or other support when necessary. And if it falls on the company running the CMS, would that mean an added expense for the customer since said company is smaller...

I think that the option is great, but wouldn't get rid of independent, user chosen hosting.


I would love to dump Dreamhost, I vote a big yes on this.